5.21.2019 // Selection Prep : SE

Standard w/u


2x5 wall sqt

2x20 sqt

2x5 GS w/5sec pause

2x5 straight leg box jump

2x20 lunge


Work up to heavy BS


“Hostage Rescue”

50x Back squat without racking the bar straight into a 2000m (concept2) Skierg or Row

Male: 50x Back squat @ body weight // 2000m (Concept2) Row or SkiErg @ 7:00.00 or less

Female: 50x Back squat @ 75% body weight // 2000m (Concept2) Row or SkiErg @ 8:00.00 or less

Rules of Engagement (ROE)

If bar is racked before the 50x reps are completed, a penalty of an additional 2k is paid immediately per infraction. Once penalty 2k is completed, athlete will continue back squats until 50x total reps complete or bar is penalty racked again.

If the standard is not completed, I.E. bar is racked before prescribed reps completed and/or 2000m is not completed within time standard, you failed.

*** Jim: 50x BS @ 205 (unbroken) // 2000m Row @ 6:58.9 ***

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