The brick and mortar training facility is based in Bloomington, Illinois. The gym offers strength & conditioning along with Jiu-Jitsu. We believe in quality over quantity and invest in individuals who are willing to invest in themselves. To ensure that our environment is not polluted by ego and short cuts, and that the product provided to our members is only the highest quality, our membership is limited. 

If our attitude and services resonate with you, we will provide the information needed to make a decision on if membership is right for you.  If not, the conversation is done and we will move on. We will not lower our standards to accommodate the masses. 

There are no physical prerequisites to train at ELEMENT26. We are open to all levels of fitness.

All who are willing are welcome.

We HAVE 3 membership options:

  1. E26 Unlimited BJJ $150.00 usd PER MONTH

  2. E26 Unlimited Gym $150.00 usd PER MONTH

  3. E26 Unlimited Gym & Jiu-Jitsu package $200.00 usd PER MONTH

If you believe that our environment is right for you, wish to see an example of our training/class schedule or wish to know more about us Please complete the form below


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